The 68th Annual LA City Golf Championship

I look forward to this tournament all year. It’s a chance to see old friends — some of whom I started competing against in Kindergarten — and to play the LA public courses I grew up on. This year, it was a tough three days and even though, ultimately, I finished three strokes ahead on the leaderboard, I had to work hard for the win.

After three days of rain earlier in the week, all three courses were in pretty bad shape and the pin positions in the Championship Round at Wilson in Griffith Park were insane! My biggest challenge was keeping my focus even when it didn’t feel as if I was having a great round and remaining positive when I found myself in a bad lie or when the greens didn’t behave the way I thought they should.  It’s easy to win golf tournaments when you feel like you’re playing great golf, staying in your zone and getting some lucky breaks. When you’re not, it’s harder. But I knew I’d practiced hard for this tournament, my game was in good shape and the win was within my reach. I just needed to find those birdie opportunities where I could and recover quickly from any mistakes I made.  A nice chip-in and a 40-yard putt were the highlights of my final round. And, of course, as always, I enjoyed playing golf on a sunny Southern California day with some old friends.

LA CITY GOLF CHAMPION (7-9) at age 9
2018 LA CITY GOLF CHAMPION (14-15) at age 14

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